Growing Spiritually Together

We, in the U.S., are in a golden age of Christianity in regards to the plethora of options available for Christian growth. We have a slew of different Bibles that fit a wide range of personalities. We have a slew of music in all types of categories, from rap to screamo music. Churches are finding ways for people to attend church through technology, so even when their congregants are on vacation they can still participate. It is quite amazing, how far we have come over the past twenty years.

I met one mother from a church in Colorado at a Youth Ministers conference, who talked, with excitement, about all the options the church provides for the families. Her child’s Sunday looked something like this…

  • Sunday School 9 am – 10 am
  • Worship 10 am – 1130 am
  • Lunch with Family
  • Choir Practice 2 pm – 4 pm
  • Youth Praise Band Practice 4 pm – 6 pm
  • Dinner
  • Small Groups 7 pm – 830 pm

That is one full Sunday!

All those things are great for children to have, but in the long term spiritual growth, those activities have no spiritual growth. The strongest spiritual growth in the lives of the children is when the Bible is active in the homes.

In fact, the adult children stated that it was the extensive time spent studying the Bible as a family that made the greatest difference in their emergence as dedicated followers of Christ and advocates of Scripture.1

Everything else, that is added on to that biblical foundation, will have a greater chance of building your children to spiritual champions.

One way to start, is by sharing with your children what you are learning in your own spiritual pilgrimage. This shows that not only are you growing in Christ, but you are wanting them to grow in the same way.

If your children see the Bible as an important part of your life, they will have a better chance of making the Bible an important part of their life.

  1. Barna, George (2010-09-01). Revolutionary Parenting: Raising Your Kids to Become Spiritual Champions (Kindle Locations 596-598). Tyndale House Publishers. Kindle Edition. 


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