The Daily Car Ride

The dinner table, at one point, was the central moment in the day for growing faith in children. There are plenty of books out there about taking back that one hour every night, to sit down to a nice meal and talk about Jesus Christ.

I am not against dinner table faith conversations, and I encourage it. If you want a great book to read about the subject check out “The Hour That Matters The Most” by Les and Leslie Parrott. It is a great read with challenging words and helpful tips.

But lets be realistic, most parents are stuck in an awful routine that involves running from place to place. The new dinner table is the car ride.

Any given day, you might spend almost a full hour in the car and instead of playing music the whole time, why not take the time and talk about God.

I have a routine with my boys every school morning. When we arrive at school, we pray. Sometimes we both do, but one of us does pray every time. Even if we are running late. A tardy is not as important as talking with God. We praise God for our family. We pray for the day, and for the teachers and the staff.

On the way home, we take a few minutes to chat about the day. I ask them, “What ways did you show God’s love.” Sometimes it isn’t much and sometimes it is hard to hold back tears, and the profound answers my seven year old brings up. Some moments are difficult like when a child was being a bully, but I allow time to talk about how to show kindness and what are productive ways to handle the situation.

I can tell you those moments are wonderful and something you can do easily.


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