Building Godliness: Honesty

Honesty is a behavior, both action and words that directed toward being truthful. Honesty is an essential characteristic of God. For the Bible is to be completely true, God would need to have honesty, for if the Bible had a little dishonesty, and God must be liar.

In Isaiah 45:19b, God says “I the Lord speak the truth: I declare what is right.”

Honesty is a needed quality in all Christians, and one that a Christian family needs to have in their homes.

For parents, being honest with our children builds trust. If you are dishonest with your kids at an early age, than as they get older they will not be able to trust yous. If you are continually breaking promises or lying to them, how do you expect them to trust you. Honesty is an important element in your relationships.

How to Be Honest?

First one must show and have integrity. Integrity is saying and doing what you believe. If you tell your child, church is important for them, but for you its okay to skip. Then your words and actions are not matching, which shows little integrity. Words and actions must match.

Honesty is also being fair. Fairness in the family is not sameness. A parent should not treat all their children the same for a variety of reason. Your children have different variables like gender, love languages and temperaments. It is immature of us to think we can treat different children the same. Fairness is about deservedness. If your child deserves praise, give them praise. If your child deserves to reprimanded than reprimand.

Side note about honesty. “Brutally honesty” is not honesty, it is rudeness. Edmund Burke once said, “Rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength.” Never be rude to your children. You will cause more harm pain to your children and is the exact opposite of building godliness.

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