Building Godliness: Love

What is Love

“Love” in the English language is not only generic, but also subjective. The generic concept of love is that love is something that is unselfish and loyal toward something or someone. The Bible speaks of love that is godly, that has a deeper meaning. So when I am speaking of “love,” I am going to be talking the most general form of love in the Bible which is agape. Agape love is the idea that God is the source and the instigator of love.

As a Christian, the greatest source of love starts with loving God. 1 John 3: 16 explains that a Christian knows love because of Jesus Christ sacrifice. We can’t show godly love, without God. God being the primary of our love involves us instigating love to our family and friends.

Way’s To Show Love

1 Corinthians 13: 4 – 8a gives a plethora of examples of the characteristics of love.

First, love is unselfish. In verse 4 – 5, Paul talks about love not being boastful, proud and self-seeking. I love my kids, not for my personal gain, but because I care for them. I didn’t have children so my child can be famous. I do not live my personal fantasies through my child’s life. My love for them is not about me.

Second, love is constant. In verses, 7 – 8a, he speaks of love always protects, trusts, hopes, preserves, and it never fails. Love is constant.

This idea is contradictory toward the love that floats around our country today. Love in the U.S.A is pathetic and weak. You hear people talking about “falling” out of love. That love is not in the Bible because biblical love is constant and fail-proof.

Finally, love is about bringing truth. If we have faith in God, we should be the greatest promoters of God’s kingdom for them. We want them to have a strong faith, and to love God themselves. How sad to see so many people reject Christ, because of their parents faith. That should never be the case. A child should never lose faith, because of their parents faith.

With our families, we love them unselfishly, and constantly so they can believe in the truth. Showing that biblical love, will make a godly family.


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