Building Godliness: Kindness

What is Kindness

Kindness is an essential element of many religions, and it is no difference in Christianity. Kindness describes a range of qualities, like goodness, generosity, graciousness, and compassion.

Kindness is also part of God’s character (Titus 3:4), so it also needs to be part of our character. Showing kindness is also a great example of what a saved person acts like. Matthew 25: 31 – 46, Jesus tells a parable of those who are saved and those who are not. The people who showed kindness to others was evidence of those who are saved and the ones who didn’t perish.

Ways To Show Kindness

First, remember to show kindness toward your family for good deeds (Genesis 40:14). Taking your child for a special outing is an easy and a good way to show kindness. Good deeds doesn’t need be rewarded right away, but ignoring them is counterintuitive of promoting kindness.

Finally, we can show kindness to our loved one’s guests (Genesis 19: 1 – 3). You never know the effect you can have on the lives of your family and their friends by showing kindness to them. I know because I was once a punk kid, whose friend’s parents showed God to me through their actions. I probably was hard to live with, but they remained a great of example of God’s kindness toward me and it changed my life forever.

With our families, kindness should be evident in our lives. It is a great virtue to have and one of the greatest examples of God.


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