Building Godliness: Patience

What is Patience

Patience is an active restraint, which means that patience is not something that is passive or something that just happens. It is something that takes continual work. It is a quality that we must choice to do everyday. Patience is similar to a muscle; a muscle can only become stronger if used daily. When your patience is tested, it has the potential of growing stronger. But if you choose not to be patient, than it becomes weaker.

Patience also has no time table. Somethings God tells us to be patient, and it could be for your whole life. God just tells us to be patient, without any knowledge of when it needs to stop.

Ways To Show Patience

First, the Father is patient with us, so we must be patient to our family. The Father’s patience is evident with us because of failures to live a godly life daily. 2 Peter 3: 9 – 10, talks about God’s patience of the second coming. He doesn’t want anyone to perish during judgment day, so he waits patiently for us.

As a parent, our children will disappoint us over and over again with their decisions. It may seem like they are never going to learn from their mistakes, but we need to be patient and continue to teach them godliness. They may never get it, but that doesn’t mean we give up. We must be patient with them, and never give up because our Father didn’t give up on you.

We also need to show patience at all times. Best time to practice patience is when you are not with your family. When you are at work think of it like practice before a game. So when a co-worker is driving you crazy, practice restraint. So when your children are driving you crazy, you are able to have stronger patience because you practiced.

Always remember your family is the most important thing in this world, and you need to give them your best. If you are being patient with everyone else, but not with your family, you are hurting their chances of growing in patience themselves. You be the best example for your family.


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