Building Godliness: Gentleness

What is Gentleness

Gentleness is an action of compassion to those who are weak and frail physically or spiritually. The best evidence of gentleness in the Bible is found in God. God the ultimate power, shows gentleness with humankind. God has the power to crush, but He allows cares for us like baby animals (Isaiah 40: 10 – 11).

Because God is gentle with us, we are also gentle with each other (Philippians 4:5). We may have great worldly power, as a Christian, I should be gentle to those who are weaker and frailer than me.

Gentleness Toward Our Families

In the family situation, the weaker are the children. Our children need to have a gentle upbringing, so they can have the best chance in becoming spiritual champions.

First, in the educational upbringing. Children ask questions, and they could ask around a hundred questions each day. As parents, it is our job to answer those questions with a gentleness (Proverbs 15:1). A gentle answer will help your child has less anger and more of a chance of learning than one with anger.

Gentleness in educational upbringing is important, but spiritual upbringing is where the Christian parent must always show gentleness. When our kids make mistakes, we must be able to correct the mistake in gentleness (Galatians 6:1). If you speak angrily at them, it won’t help the situation because it might cause you to sin in the process.

Another part up of gentleness in teaching spirituality is the ability to tell about our hope and faith in a gentle response (1 Peter 3:15). Some people think we need to have an answer for every question in the Bible, but that is unnecessary. It’s good to have answers for life’s tough questions, but to speak about hope and faith, we need to speak and act in a gentle matter of why we have hope and faith in the Lord. As parents, this is a crucial step of bringing up your children in the Lord. If they see faith in a militant way, they will have no faith or their faith will be contradictory to scripture.

As a Christian parent, our reaction could be of making their faith stronger or be a hindrance. I know its hard and something that fail almost every day at some point. As the stronger Christian, I need to practice being gentle because its grows my faith, but also helps the weak become stronger.


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