What Happened to Sanctuary?

Recently I have been thinking and meditating on the words of Jesus found in Matthew 11:18

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

What a great promise Jesus gives to us, unfortunately, the place we go to every Sunday is a place of unrest. We have programs after programs. We rush into the church, to rush into Sunday School, rush around to get to service, then we rush off to lunch and back home. Then rest happens as we all take naps, to pack up the cars again to rush back to Sunday services.

Now I know, not all churches run this way, some have more activities not only on Sunday but also during the week.

What happened to the church being a sanctuary for people? Why is the worshipping as the body of Christ, the most stressful activity we have during the week?

I think a time has come for the church to stop being rushed and provide a place of sanctuary for our families, especially our over-burdened young families.  Families are overscheduled as it is, with school and extra curricular activities. They need a time to rest. I know many families that have a hard time slowing down, but instead of exploiting their lack of boundaries, we should be encouraging them to take breaks and rest.

The church, the place where the weary and burdened come every Sunday, should be offering rest because Christ wants them to rest.


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