Conveniences of Parenting Today

Technology can be helpful, but it’s no substitute for having a hands-on approach to watching out for your children.

George Barna, Revoluntiary Parenting

Being a parent in this age has some great benefits. We have a plethora of resources and information at affordable prices because of the advancement of technology. For example at any given time, I can order a book about whatever topic I want, and it will be delivered within seconds to my e-reader. I can get on Facebook and make a plea for prayers and encouragement and get those in mere minutes. I can contact my children at any time by handing them a phone and instantly we have communication even from a distance.

Technology is good, but with the good comes the side effects. One of the side effects is the lack of physically and personal connection between us and our children.

I can talk with my child anytime on a phone, but phone conversations are nothing compared to face to face interaction. I can text my child “How are you doing?”, but the response back can never give me a complete picture of how they are feeling.

As a parent, technology does make parenting at times easier, but that doesn’t mean I should avoid going hands-on with my children. It’s been a trend in parenting blogs lately, reminding parents to put down their technology. So they can spend more one-on-one time with their children and less time on their tech. This is very important because we are the ethic setters for this new way of parenting, and if we don’t teach good tech ethics are kids won’t learn them. So use technology, but don’t forget to be hands on and personal with your children.

I love having all the conveniences of today, but as parents, parenting we can have the convenience, but parenting should never be convenient.


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