Romance and Love

Romance and love are not the same. I know that sounds weird to read, but you need to understand that truth if you want to keep a healthy marriage. What is the difference between romance and love?

Romance is a strong, typically short-term feeling people get in a relationship. Eventually, the romance will run out of steam. When that happens it may feel like love went away, but that is not true, love didn’t run out, romance did. If you have ever said, “We fell out of love,” you are not talking about love going away; instead you are speaking of romance.

Love isn’t something that is short-term. Love can’t run out because there is no end to love. How can that be? Because love is a choice. That is right, a choice. We can choose to love others, whenever, wherever and with whomever. Love cannot go away, but we can choose when we love another person.

In marriage, this is important to know, especially if you are newlyweds. Sooner or later, the romance of marriage will reach its limit. Romance won’t die in a relationship. It may feel like it has but, it just went dormant. But if you understand the difference between love and romance, you will see that choosing to love your spouse will awaken the romance back into your marriage. Choosing to go on dates will make romance. Choosing to care for them when they are sick will make romance (hopefully when they are feeling better). Choosing to show affection, even when they don’t look their best, will make romance.

Romance will come and go, but you have the chose of making love last forever.  Choose to love your spouse and your marriage will grow stronger. 


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