All-Knowing Role Of Parenting

Parents have a lot of roles. We are cooks, barbers, gardeners, negotiators, fixer-ups and many more. But one role that can be tiresome is being the all-knowing. Kids are question magnets. I have never taught my children, the word “Why?”, but they sure picked it up somewhere.

This role is something that can be exhausting, just by the sheer amount of questions in a given day. Do we know every answer for every question? No, but our kids sure think we do. Kids won’t ask logical questions all the time either, sometimes they are completely insane. How do you an answer the questions that you can’t answer?

Here are some of my tips for the slew of questions.

First, make sure you are open to hear them. Part of the questions is the openness of your time for them. Just writing this blog, I was asked a few questions. It took me a few seconds, to look at them and answer. It’s not a time consuming process.

Second, make sure you are honest with them. You won’t know every answer to every question, but being honest about your unknowns won’t make them stop asking you questions. Trust me, there are plenty of questions that I said, “I don’t know,” and it has never stopped them for asking me more questions.

Finally, as they get older encourage them to find the answers to their own questions. Some questions are easy to answer like, “Where are my shoes/socks/toothbrush?” But some questions go a little deeper. Helping them discover the answers themselves will help them develop necessary habits for later in their life.

For all my all-knowing parents, always listen, be honest and help them discover all the answers in life. What you do know, will make your children stronger as they grow older. Good luck.


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