Choose Your Own Adventure


Is the sound that came from my youngest son tennis racket as the ball shot into the backyard. Instead of hitting the tennis ball in the middle, the ball hit the tip of the racket that caused the ball to fly off in the wrong direction.

When this happens, the boys take turns in retrieving the wayward balls. I personally this is not accidental but intentional. I could give them a tennis racket the size of a kiddie pool and they could find a way to miss the middle of the racket, so the tennis ball would fly off in the backyard.

The oldest jumped to retrieve the ball, so the game that somewhat resembles tennis, can be resumed. All he had to do was to open the gate, grab the ball, and come back. Such a simple thing to accomplish.

But instead of opening the gate, he decides to climb the gate?

How counterproductive?
How illogical?
How adventurous!

What should have been a simple, and boring task, he took as a time to be adventurous. Instead of doing the logical and normal thing to do, he used his creativity to make the mundane more exciting.

As an adult, I live life in logical and normal side. I do not see normal things in my life as an adventure, but more like a task that needs to be done. Don’t get me wrong, I am proponent in efficiency but I might enjoy life more if adventure had a bigger role.
Did my son accomplish the goal of retrieving the tennis ball? Yes and he had a great time in the process.


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