Comparing Other Parents

Being a parent is hard work and sometimes we can wonder “How well am I doing?”  We can hear and we can see other families that appear to be doing a better job, so we start comparing.

Comparing ourselves to others is normal.  Sometimes we can compare that makes us look like we are ahead of the curve while other times we are behind.  We can get easily discouraged when our child is noisy in church, or won’t go to Sunday School class and it feels like every eye comes in our direction is saying, “My child would never be like that!”  So we start comparing and questions come in our heads like “Why can’t my child go to class without crying?” “Why can’t my child sit still?”

Comparisons can be harmful to our self-esteem.  It is easy to fall into this trap, especially if this is your first child.  Before we start avoiding other parents, it is important to realize that we all have good and bad days.  No one is a master at parenting.  Every parent is struggling with their child.  So, stay on course, of loving and caring for your child and remember we are all in this together.


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