Tips To Being A Responsive Parent

We can easily make any situation in our house become a complete war zone at the moment that our voice rises above a particular decimal.  If you can think of the last couple of big arguments in your house, try to think of what started the fighting and when did you  lose your temper?  I am guessing, the fight started off simple, over something that your student should know better.  Maybe it was not putting the clothes away or not putting their school bag in the closet.  Then it escalates to the point of no return and then the meltdown occurs.

Losing our temper is the quickest way to escalate minor issues into major problems.  That is why Proverbs 15:1 is an important proverb for parents and students to learn.

Here are three quick tips for not losing your temper.

1. Pray for a spiritual infusion of peace and self-control.  If you believe that the Holy Spirit lives inside you, then have peace and self-control in you as well.  All you need is a refill, and you can do that with prayer.

2. Ask yourself, “What and how can I teach them?” Losing your temper, won’t teach  your student anything except how to lose their temper.  Think of other way’s besides “telling” them.  If you do an embarrassing skit every time they fling their shoes, then maybe, just maybe, they will stop that practice.

3. Consider the context. Your student is going through a lot of big changes in their life.  Adolescence is an awkward and confusing, thankfully short, moment of their life.  They need you to be calm, cool, collected, and compassionate right now.  If you want more information about understanding teenagers, you can check out these two resources

A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Teenage Guys: Remembering Who He Was, Celebrating Who He’s Becoming

A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Teenage Girls: Remembering Who She Was, Celebrating Who She’s Becoming

If you want more tips about not losing your temper, you can check out 10 from the Mayo Clinic

Hopefully, these words are an encouragement to you and your family.


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