The Linchpin That Will Make Or Break Your Family’s Day

Parenting is a wild ride, filled with unexpected daily events. Every day is a new day; that contains a linchpin that will either make the day pleasant or frustrating. What is this powerful day altering linchpin?


Your teenager’s attitude has the power of making an unbelievable difference. A slight change can blow up into an all out war or a great evening filled with laughter.


There are a wide variety of circumstances that can cause good or bad attitudes in teenagers. But because a teens’ overall lack of maturity, they can handle life poorly.

Have you ever asked your teen to clean the table and they started crying or yelling?

Have you ever gave constructive criticism to get an eye roll in return?

Those are common, unfortunate, but common. The primary reason being is that teenagers are still growing and learning life. Hopefully, they learn when they give attitude to authority figures, it will result in an adverse effect. For example, if they yell at you, they should have consequences. If you allow bad attitudes to exist in your household, they are primarily learning that it is acceptable in life.

If you can for a moment, skip ahead 10, 20 and 30 years. Picture your teen in each one of those scenarios. What kind of adult and future parent do you want your teenager to be?

Write down some positive characteristics, if you need help you can check out this list.

Take those characteristics and help your teen learn what it means to be those things. Curb bad, enforce healthy behaviors.

Will your teen become mature in a day? No, but remember you are not alone, and we are here to encourage through these difficult years.


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