Easy To Implement Technology Guideline

I love technology, and I am a parent who allows my children to use technology every day. Today’s technology provides excellent opportunities for my children, like fun interactive learning apps, to an extensive variety of easy assessable age-appropriate videos.

Although I allow my children to use technology, we have boundaries. We do not allow our children to watch shows whenever or wherever they want. We do not allow them to sit at home and play video games all day long. We prohibit certain types of video games and apps. We give our children perimeters with their technology usage.

We feel it is important to have perimeters in using technology, because for the simple fact that there are a lot of inappropriate stuff that children can quickly access. So letting children have free range, with no perimeters is reckless.

Here is my family’s technology plan. Our children are allowed to use technology for 20 minutes, twice a day. One the weekend, there are no video games, and they can only watch a show on Kids Netflix channel. Every once in awhile, we will watch an extra show or play an extra game but only if it is a family event.

The 20 minute, twice a day schedule works great because if the kids have poor attitudes or other bad behaviors, then their next block is taken away.

Currently, my children are young, so these rules are basic, and they will fluctuate as my children get older. But there will always be guidelines with technology usage in our home.

What kind of guidelines do you have for your children?


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