Take Hold of Your Schedule and Stop Being So Busy

Growing up during the big technology boom of the 90’s, people either lamented about robots taking over the workplace or praised that technology was going free up more time. Well, it’s been over 20 years, and we haven’t been overrun by our robot overlords, and it seems we have less time than ever before.

Even though, technology has helped us in many ways in time-management (like easier calendar integration or easy access to social interaction), and we are running around more often to fit in everything in our 24 hour allotted time that God has given us.


I think, especially in the U.S. culture that it is taboo for us to be lazy. I think it even goes as far as the appearance of laziness, is just as bad as being lazy. Why do I think that? Well, for one we like to tell people that we are busy, even if we had a relaxed week. Think about. When you are chitchatting with someone on Sunday morning, and if you ask them how was your week, the usual response is one simple word. “Busy.” Where they busy? I don’t know, but saying, “busy” is an acceptable answer in our mind.

Busyness is a problem in our society. It makes us more stress; we lose more sleep and depletes motivation. But I think the biggest problem of busyness is the affect it has on the family, especially children.

Gone are the days of just hanging out with the family on a Saturday morning or eating at the dinner table. Hopefully, in the next ten years, it will change but as of today 2014 it is insane. I have seen families pull into their driveway, run in the house with school clothes and run out with sports clothes. I have seen families sprint out of church, to make their next appointment. Everyone has that speed walking stroll that you would normally see in mornings at the mall.

Maybe instead of being busy, we should be a little more relax. How bad would it be to tell your children, we are taking a season off from sports? How bad would it be, to take a stay-cation, to sit back with the family to eat pizza, play some board games and have a day to relax at the place you pay the bank to stay in?

I want you to look at your life and your calendar. Before school starts take a giant red pen and ink out a couple of days where nothing will happen that day except to relax and have fun as a family. Then on Sunday morning, when someone asks you, “How was your week?”, you can say “Great because I spent a day with family at home.” You will be surprised by the reaction, and most people will say, “I wish I could do that.” Well, guess what, anybody can as long as you are intentional.

Take hold of your families schedule and be intentional in taking breaks for your family.


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