Evernote & Kindle Is A Great Match

Talking with a friend about tips and tricks in note taking.

I know I have interesting conversations

But one thing that shocked me a little bit was how he wasn’t using Evernote.  For those who don’t know much about Evernote, it’s an online file cabinet and much more.  Do you have a physical file cabinet in your office?  Well, image that being online, with every file can be accessed wherever you are, with an easy to search tool.  I love Evernote so much that it is one of the services where I pay for the Premium, and I am a miser.

Seriously I have a hard time paying $.99 for a premium app

One of the functions that I love with Evernote is with my Kindle books.  I read roughly 15 – 30 books a year, not including numerous magazine…

…and comic… 

…subscriptions.  And because of the number of books that I read, I switched to digital over physical so I can keep my office from becoming a library.

Where would I keep my old video games consoles and my giant Pee-Wee Herman doll (You read correctly) 

Another plus digital has over physical is that note taking and finding specific notes is so much easier.  I can highlight on my Kindle or Kindle App; then I can see all my notes on that book online at kindle.amazon.com, or in Notebook section on my devices.

And this is where Evernote comes in and changes everything.

I was gonna say “whole nother level,” but that would…. You know…

It changes how I preach, teach, and even made seminary a breeze.  Here is how I use Evernote and Kindle.

Let me show you a step by step instruction on how I use these two products together.

Here is a highlight from a book that I finished.


I prefer using the Kindle desktop when I am putting my notes together because I am faster with keyboard and trackpad.  But also, which you will see in a bit, it adds a nice footnote.  So when I have my note, I copy the highlighted note.

Next, I go to Evernote.  I like to create a notebook for each book.  I used to make a separate notebook for each chapter of the book, which I organize through Evernote‘s stack function, but I quickly realize that there is a 250 notebook limit for everyone.  Even if you are Premium member, it’s still 250.

So the created notebook for this particular highlight is called, “Practical Family Ministry” which is the title of the book.  Then I add a “New Note” and then paste my note in the note.


Once I paste the highlight, you will notice that it inserts its own footnote.  I believe this only works if you copy and paste from the Kindle desktop app.  It’s no MLA or APA, but you can fix that yourself.  I then add a generic title

If no title, it will say “Untitled Note,” and that drives me crazy.

Then I tag the note to specific tags that I want to keep track of a specific topic.  This one I tagged “discipleship”, “equipping” and “parent ministry”.  Tagging is critical to my file management because if wanted to preach on discipleship or equipping, I just search those tags to find particular notes on it.  If I were going to do a talk on parent ministry, I could find all my notes on that as well.

And this is just one filed note, now add a 1000+ notes all tagged for a variety of reasons.  Now when I need an illustration or an idea to enhance my messages, I do not have to search through physical files or spend countless hours online looking through generic sermon illustrations to find something to add.

The best part, both the Kindle App and Evernote are free to have, and if this method works for you, spend the money to go Premium.


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