Create A Blessing Journal

A few month’s back, my wife and I went up to alma mater (Great Lakes Christian College) for a special alumni prayer for the students during chapel.  It was an enjoyable experience and grateful for the opportunity.

Before the prayer, one the alumni shared a journal that was given to him at graduation from his mom.  Inside the journal were prayers that his mom said to him while he was at school.


And I thought to myself; I will have to remember that when my children get into college.  Then it occurred to me, why don’t I start now.  Why do I have to wait for my kids to be in college to pray a blessing over them?

So I started, I ordered some Moleskins, and I try to write faithfully blessings for my children.

The blessings are no more than a paragraph long.  And they normally have to do with something that I witnessed them doing or even things that I am learning in my life.

Here are some examples of my blessings that I wrote for them.

I’ve been thinking lately about making the most of every moment.  I believe that Jesus is coming back, so it’s important to be showing the gospel of grace and mercy every day as much as possible.  I pray that when you look back at these years that you look back with memories of grace and mercy.  ~ Love Your Dad

Today we went and saw Zootopia.  The movie was about harmony and peace.  The main point is that peace is up to you.  Paul say’s in Romans 12:8 “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.”  This is my prayer for you, and a truth to pass on ~ Love Your Dad

Nothing complicated or overly tedious, just a simple thought and prayer.

The main idea I want my children to know, is that I care for them and want them to know that their father cares for the spiritual welfare, and hopefully, they look back and see God moving in their life.




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