A Chuckle Then A Conviction

This morning I came across a scripture that my made chuckle a little. Every so often, God’s word makes you laugh.

The scripture is Hebrews 5:2 and it say’s

For every high priest taken from among men is appointed on behalf of people in the things relating to God, in order that he can offer both gifts and sacrifices on behalf of sins, 2 being able to deal gently with those who are ignorant and led astray, since he himself also is surrounded by weakness (LEB)

Even though we don’t have high priests anymore in the Christian Church, we do have pastors that serve the body similar to a high priest.

A pastor isn’t a job you just do. What does that mean? Anyone can fill a job role as a pastor. I know many people who are in pastor positions that are merely working because they were volunteers and they just filled a role that was vacant because the church didn’t want to search for a new candidate. But a pastor isn’t a filling position; a pastor is someone that has a calling from God to serve in the universal church.

As a pastor, I serve the church, whether it be the local church or the universal church. Though I am employed and paid by a church, they are not my employer because my employer is God and God alone.

God is my boss and leads my life. There were times when I thought I was in control, but God has proven time and time again that He orders my day. I must be obedient to that calling and respond accordingly.

What makes me laugh about this passage is that a pastor is called to handle with gentleness the ignorant and the weak. Oh man, I had probably a list of people that came to my mind when I read that passage, and I image the author writing these words with a list of people as well. And it just made me chuckle.

Then it hit me, how well do I handle the ignorant and the weak? I joke with people when they ask me if I would have been a lead pastor and I always respond with, “As a children’s pastor I get the blessing of when the immature show signs of maturity, as if I was a lead pastor, I get the curse of the mature acting with immaturity.”

That response always gets a chuckle and an “I know what you mean”reaction because the church is designed to a place for the weak to come and find rest. We deal with the ignorant the weak every day, and as a called pastor I need to better at showing gentleness to the people that serve. I can be bothered by their attitude, but I need to be gentle and continue to love on them so that they do not walk away from the faith that is already so fragile.

I need to continue to speak evil of no one, to avoid quarreling, and to show perfect courtesy toward all people.