Disappointment With Religious Podcasts

One of my favorite things to do is to listen to podcasts. I grew up listening to talk radio while doing puzzles in the garage and gradually moving away from partisan conversations to ones that will challenge me in every element of my life.

I listen to podcasts about manliness, etiquette, politics, debates, religious and hobbies.

One of the reasons I find podcasts beautiful is the extended conversation usually on a specific topic. There are no quick jabs into a commercial break like talk radio instead it’s a well thought out idea that makes you consider other opinions.

But the one thing that I notice is my religious podcasts (especially evangelical podcasts) every so often to expand on statements that have a generalization of the culture.

For example, they might talk about the current culture and then instead of giving a statistic, they give their opinion with the statement “It is true.”

Well, how is it true? Where does this truth come from? Is the true relevant to today or just a mindless thought that you feel truth?

It reminds me of the t-shirt from Philip DeFranco.

This is just lazy and shouldn’t happen on a medium that has no time limit. And it makes me mad that religion podcasts are the ones that do this the most.

All this does is create blind ignorance and those who don’t and won’t research the statements will spread possible falsehoods to their peers.

If you are a religious person, you need to be better with your knowledge. You are already discredited by many because of their view of “faith” and how they feel a crutch in life. So if you want to be a credible resource, you need to make sure you are spreading real truths with real stats not just a general observation with no evidence.


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