Podcoin Pays You For Listening To Your Favorite Podcasts

I have been trying a new app this past week that rewards you from listening to podcasts. The app is called Podcoin.

Here are some pros and cons so far…..

Pro: It’s super easy to earn, for every 10 minutes you get one podcoin, which are redeemed for gift cards and gifts.

Con: It takes a lot of coins to get anything worthwhile. 1200 gets you a 2 dollar gift card from Amazon and 20,000 for a 50 dollar gift card. I listen to about 6 to 8 hours of podcasts during a work day, so even though it will take awhile, why not earn something for something I do anyway.

Pro: You can get bonuses for streaks and some podcasts. So after a few days, you start earning two coins for every 10 minutes, and if you listen to a bonus podcast, it’s 2.5 coins per 10 minutes. I have discovered some new podcasts that way.

Con: There is a limit to how many hours you can earn. At some point of the day, I reached my limit, but it doesn’t give you a heads up. I hope they implement something like Sweatcoin where you can spend some of your points to extend the daily limit. I like to sleep with some podcasts running (yea I have a problem) but eventually, it stops because it notices you are dominant, so people can’t just play podcasts all day without activity.

Pro: Easy interface and clean look.

Con: Very basic. There is no speed up like other podcasts player. I listen at a 1.5 to 1.75 speed so going back to regular speed is annoying. It also doesn’t keep up when podcasts become available. It takes awhile for the podcasts to pop up and when they do, it’s also not organized by new episodes but by when you subscribed.

I’ve enjoyed the app for the most part, and like the bonuses, it offers for podcasts that I wouldn’t discover on my own. Especially right before bed, I try to find the dullest subject I can find, and it makes a great night sleep.

Give it a try and use my code Briannpk to get 150 points for signing up.