Favorite Part Of My Morning

I am routine kind of person. If I am going to accomplish something, I need to do it consistently at the same time and in the same place. One of the many reasons, I hate vacations is because it takes me entirely out of my routine. So when I come back, everything is hard to get back into a routine.

(I know… I am insane)

For the most part, getting out of routine isn’t a big deal. So what that it takes me a day to get back into a routine at work. It just means that I have to get work a little extra the next day or two. So what that it takes me a little longer to get back into an exercise routine. A day or two (or week or two) won’t impact your life.

But some things are important to maintain my routine consistently. For me, it’s my CAB(s).

(Okay I am a recovering youth pastor from the late 90’s, so that means everything is an acronym)

CAB(s) stands for Coffee, Audible, Bible and Swag, which is my morning 6 am routine. I typically wake up during the 5 am period. I try to wake up around 5 – 515 am. I try to do some exercise, which consists of a light stationary bike, yoga, or if the weather is enjoyable, to take the dog for a walk. If I don’t wake up, I don’t stress out, but it’s an excellent way to get up. If I have time, I might catch up on a television show, podcast, or video game.

At 6 am, it’s time to make the coffee. Right now, I use a single serve pour over coffee, which is an aromatic patient way to make a good cup of coffee. While the kettle is heating up the water, I listen to my Bible reading plan at 1.25 speed, which helps me get through the entire Bible around 250 days (give or take). 1.25 isn’t fast at all and does help especially for Numbers….

By the time, the coffee is ready. It is around 615 (like I said, a patient way), then I sit down to listen to my audiobook, right now I am going through a book of church history. The children will wake up around 630ish and my coffee is almost done, which makes our conversations more relaxing.

The Swag comes from having my phone play videos for cash downstairs which is a little reward for waking up, which helps me pay for the kid’s school supplies and helps with gifts for the year.

Now that is my routine, and it works great if I can wake up in time. I can’t set the alarm, because my beautiful bride is a light sleeper and once she wakes up, she has a difficult time falling back asleep.

I love 5 am; she does not.

So waking up during the 5 am was hit or miss. But this year I made an investment, used my credit rewards, Christmas money and did a few additional surveys and bought an Apple Watch. The Apple Watch has been great because now I can set an alarm which gives me a vibration, that is heavy enough to wake me up but lite enough not to wake up my beautiful bride.

I am almost a month plus into a consistent morning routine, and the watch goes with me, so when I do take a vacation, I can wake up and do my CAB(s).

I want to encourage you not to wake up in the morning but instead find a way to have put a CAB routine in your life. It’s a great half-hour of intentional life, one which improves you spiritually and intellectually. Buy a slow pour coffee, and enjoy God’s word while smelling in the fresh fragrance of God’s greatest creation (coffee bean), then sit and relax drinking your coffee while enjoying a good book.

Try it out for a month, and it will be your favorite part of your day.


Growing Spiritually Together

We, in the U.S., are in a golden age of Christianity in regards to the plethora of options available for Christian growth. We have a slew of different Bibles that fit a wide range of personalities. We have a slew of music in all types of categories, from rap to screamo music. Churches are finding ways for people to attend church through technology, so even when their congregants are on vacation they can still participate. It is quite amazing, how far we have come over the past twenty years.

I met one mother from a church in Colorado at a Youth Ministers conference, who talked, with excitement, about all the options the church provides for the families. Her child’s Sunday looked something like this…

  • Sunday School 9 am – 10 am
  • Worship 10 am – 1130 am
  • Lunch with Family
  • Choir Practice 2 pm – 4 pm
  • Youth Praise Band Practice 4 pm – 6 pm
  • Dinner
  • Small Groups 7 pm – 830 pm

That is one full Sunday!

All those things are great for children to have, but in the long term spiritual growth, those activities have no spiritual growth. The strongest spiritual growth in the lives of the children is when the Bible is active in the homes.

In fact, the adult children stated that it was the extensive time spent studying the Bible as a family that made the greatest difference in their emergence as dedicated followers of Christ and advocates of Scripture.1

Everything else, that is added on to that biblical foundation, will have a greater chance of building your children to spiritual champions.

One way to start, is by sharing with your children what you are learning in your own spiritual pilgrimage. This shows that not only are you growing in Christ, but you are wanting them to grow in the same way.

If your children see the Bible as an important part of your life, they will have a better chance of making the Bible an important part of their life.

  1. Barna, George (2010-09-01). Revolutionary Parenting: Raising Your Kids to Become Spiritual Champions (Kindle Locations 596-598). Tyndale House Publishers. Kindle Edition.