Family Moments With WWE

We are a pro-wrestling family. I will allow you to take a few moments for your judgments and disgust….

Are you done? Nope?! Okay, a few more moments….

There is something about pro-wrestling that I still love even as a grown adult. The fight between good and evil. The resilience of the undergod to finally succeed. The battle for the championship.

The story of an individual could last months or even decades, and as a spectator, you just enjoy the journey.

This past week, WWE reunited the fan favorite faction that broke up a few years ago, The Shield. This particular group holds a great deal of history with my family.

When the team was at its highest peak, my oldest son started getting into pro-wrestling. He would go hours into talking about whose his favorite wrestler. And it would change in minutes to another person. But one day, in all earnest, he told me his favorite wrestler was no other than Seth Rollins (one of the members of the Shield). We watched all their matches with such excitement that his favorite wrestler Seth Rollins and his friends were raising the ranks.

Then the unspeakable happened, Seth Rollins turned heel (a bad guy)

He was devastated, and he cried and cried. He ran upstairs into his room and balled his eyes out for a long time. Eventually, he came out of his room, holding in his hands a picture of his friends. And said, “Wrestling isn’t real, friends are real.” I would have laughed so loud, but my beautiful bride was standing behind giving me a look that said: “take him seriously.” So I hugged him and said “You are right.”

Fast forward today, during the reuniting of the Shield, even though my son played it cool, I could see the side of his face, and it had that smile of relief that his favorite wrestler was reunited again with his friends. It was an exceptional moment, and it was cool to share those moments with my son even if it was with pro-wrestling.

Encouragement to all parents, find those things that you can share with your kids, because you never know when one of those special moments show up.


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Family Time Devotions: Day 2 & 3


Genesis 1:6-13 (NIrV)

God said, “Let there be a huge space between the waters. Let it separate water from water.” 7And that’s exactly what happened. God made the huge space between the waters. He separated the water that was under the space from the water that was above it. 8God called the huge space “sky.” There was evening, and there was morning. It was day two.

9 God said, “Let the water under the sky be gathered into one place. Let dry ground appear.” And that’s exactly what happened. 10God called the dry ground “land.” He called the waters that were gathered together “oceans.” And God saw that it was good.

11 Then God said, “Let the land produce plants. Let them bear their own seeds. And let there be trees on the land that bear fruit with seeds in it. Let each kind of plant or tree have its own kind of seeds.” And that’s exactly what happened.

12 The land produced plants. Each kind of plant had its own kind of seeds. The land produced trees that bore fruit with seeds in it. Each kind of tree had its own kind of seeds.

God saw that it was good. 13And there was evening, and there was morning. It was day three.

On the second day, God created a space between the waters, which is the sky above and beyond. And the second was completed.

On the third day, the earth was nothing more than water. So He made the ground rise above the waters, and land was there. On that land, plants and trees grew with seeds in them so that they can produce more and more plants and trees. And the third day was completed.


What did God create on Day 2? Day 3?

What is your favorite fruit?

Lunch Box Note

Put their favorite fruit in their lunch box.

While eating this fruit, remember God and his creation. Genesis 1:11

Building Reliability

“Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much. Luke 16:10 (NIV)

What is Reliability?

Reliability is the quality of dependability and consistency. To rely on someone, means to attach trust on their words. When someone is a reliable person, their word is gold and holds a high value. Reliability is a quality we learn from God. The greatest example is that God has remained true to His covenant and has never broken His promise. (Malachi 3:6) For this reason, God’s words are reliable even today and is why we put a lot of value in them.

As a parent, I want my children to believe what I tell them is consistent and dependable. I want my words to mean something. So when I say, something is going to happen as it depends on me, it’s going to happen.

Showing Reliability For Your Family

First is to keep your promises. I am not saying, you should never promise something, because how can someone trust your words if you are never showing trust. So when you do make promises, make sure you stay true to your words. Think about work, if you are not feeling good but still able to go to work, what do you do? You go to work. But, with our children if we are not feeling good, we stay home and tell our children that another time will work better for you. Am I saying don’t stay home because you are feeling bad? No, but do that enough your children will stop trusting in your promises.

Now, one must be wise in their promises. Don’t promise things that won’t happen or over promise. If the promise is too big or something that will be difficult to fit in the calendar, don’t promise. Make sure you are not biting off more than you can chew.

Second, you can show up and be on time with your promises. For example, if you promise that you will be home at a set time for dinner, be more punctual at work. Have your stuff ready before you leave, so when it’s time to go, you are ready. Don’t stand around and chit chat after work and give extra time for the drive home. So when you get home, you have plenty of time to spend with the family.

Finally, be reliable with your faith. God’s values and morals should be something we practice all the time. Christianity doesn’t end when we leave church. If we lie, cheat, and steal during the work week, but then at church we are truthful, just and giving? Then we are not showing reliability of our faith to our family. We should be the same every day of the week.

What are some ways, you can show the value of spiritual reliability to your family? Feel free to let me know in the comment section.

Building Maturity

Brothers and sisters, stop thinking like children. In regard to evil be infants, but in your thinking be adults.. 1 Corinthians 14:20 (NIV)

What is Maturity?

Maturity is a broad subject and covers many different aspects. What makes maturity so comprehensive, is it can be based on culture, age, brain development, and independence to name a few. This blog is going to focus on the maturity in the aspect of spirituality.

What is spiritual maturity? It’s not about age, brain development, or culture, but about being like Jesus Christ. (Eph 4:13-15) Spiritual maturity is growing closer to being Christ-like. What does that mean? Being mature in Christ, means you are serving, loving, being compassionate, have a heart for justice, committed to the body of Christ, and able to forgive others. Those are a few, not everything, of Christ’s qualities that we receive through spiritual maturity.

Showing Maturity For Your Family

Maturity is something that is always growing in us, but spiritual maturity is something that takes a bit more of an effort. As parents, we should be striving to grow into Christ if not daily, it should be at the least regular action in our weekly life. All people are different in their spiritual pilgrimage; some of us have been Christians a long time and some are new, so there is no scale of maturity that tells you where you should be.

Though it is different in every case, the fact is that we should be all be growing toward Christ and making it evident when our children are around. There are a couple of reasons why this is important. First, it shows our children the value of faith growth. Telling your children, what are things you are hoping to mature in like, patience, helps your family know the importance of growing qualities of Christ Jesus. That leads to my second point, is that it helps them see progression. The church, in general, is a little reserved when it comes to acknowledging the need of maturity. The church expects that we are all at a certain level of maturity. No matter, whom you are in the church, you haven’t reached full spiritual maturity. You can be an elder, a minister, or the oldest baptized believer; you are still immature in some areas of spirituality. Being honest with others and talking about your progression is not something to be embarrassed, because we are all in the same boat.

What are some ways, you can show the value of spiritual maturity to your family? Feel free to let me know in the comment section.

Aspects of Better Discipline

Discipline is an important element of parenting, and it’s one that causes a lot of disagreements. I think parents would agree more on political and religious disagreements faster on discipline tactics. This article is not about the tactics, but instead the importance of making your discipline work better. These four aspects come from the book Revolutionary Parenting by George Barna 1

First, the all children need to be disciplined.

Children are not born with all the knowledge in the world. You want to make sure, they know the rules of the home, good values in life, and making positive choices. Discipline helps keep children on the right path in life. It is important to correct behavior in a healthy and mature way. I wish you only needed to discipline your child once, and they change their behavior forever. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work, which makes disciplining an everyday activity.

Second, the discipline received must be consistent in content and in response to the conditions in which it is provided.

All the adults in the home need to be on the same page for disciplining. One can’t put their kid in a time-out while the other spanks. It needs to be the same, and if one adult is not comfortable with the other methods, you need to come to a healthy and mature conclusion. The more consistent, the reasoning for punishment and the punishments needed to correct the behavior, the better chance your child has on learning to correct the behavior.

Third, the nature of the discipline must fit within the family’s culture and values.

Every family has different cultures and values, and sometimes each side of the family has differences in both areas. It is necessary for you to find the right method of discipline, as long as its lawful. There are plenty of tactics out there, and they all work depending on the parent. For example, I am pacifists and high on education, for me to discipline with spanking makes no sense. Instead, I find ways to call my child and explain later. Does it work? Yes, for me it works, but it might not work for you. Parenting isn’t a science, its all theories, so results vary.

Fourth, is that the discipline each child receives must be right for that child while still being fair to the other children in the household.

Every child is different. My two children vary in their behaviors. Taking something away from one, doesn’t have the same effect on the other. Each child needs to be disciplined and shown love afterwards differently.

When discipline is consistent, constant, matches the family culture and values, and fits your child’s personality, the better chance you are giving your child to grow on the right path.

  1. Barna, George (2010-09-01). Revolutionary Parenting: Raising Your Kids to Become Spiritual Champions (Kindle Locations 1129-1133). Tyndale House Publishers. Kindle Edition. 

Building Godliness: Patience

What is Patience

Patience is an active restraint, which means that patience is not something that is passive or something that just happens. It is something that takes continual work. It is a quality that we must choice to do everyday. Patience is similar to a muscle; a muscle can only become stronger if used daily. When your patience is tested, it has the potential of growing stronger. But if you choose not to be patient, than it becomes weaker.

Patience also has no time table. Somethings God tells us to be patient, and it could be for your whole life. God just tells us to be patient, without any knowledge of when it needs to stop.

Ways To Show Patience

First, the Father is patient with us, so we must be patient to our family. The Father’s patience is evident with us because of failures to live a godly life daily. 2 Peter 3: 9 – 10, talks about God’s patience of the second coming. He doesn’t want anyone to perish during judgment day, so he waits patiently for us.

As a parent, our children will disappoint us over and over again with their decisions. It may seem like they are never going to learn from their mistakes, but we need to be patient and continue to teach them godliness. They may never get it, but that doesn’t mean we give up. We must be patient with them, and never give up because our Father didn’t give up on you.

We also need to show patience at all times. Best time to practice patience is when you are not with your family. When you are at work think of it like practice before a game. So when a co-worker is driving you crazy, practice restraint. So when your children are driving you crazy, you are able to have stronger patience because you practiced.

Always remember your family is the most important thing in this world, and you need to give them your best. If you are being patient with everyone else, but not with your family, you are hurting their chances of growing in patience themselves. You be the best example for your family.